A magical crafter

Today I received an order I placed with one of my favorite jewelry makers, Druidcraft Jewelry! I decided to dedicate a blog post to her work because I love it so much and think more people should know about her shop.

Druidcraft Jewelry instagram

Druidcraft Jewelry Shop

I was really happy that it didn’t take as long as estimated for my things to arrive, and it was all safely packaged in a single box.

The tea and marigold seeds were such a nice surprise! I’m looking forward to growing some flowers from Greece and enjoying the tea! One of the things that drew me to her work in the first place is her themes of nature in her designs, so the inclusion of seeds is wonderful!

I’m not one to wear things that are too bright, so the muted tones are perfect for me. And the texture in her claywork! I love texture! I’m so glad I was able to get a few of her mushroom pieces and a Halloween piece. The mushroom necklace contains a labradorite, and the pumpkin necklace contains an amethyst cabochon.

I love the asymmetry of the earrings and the length of the necklaces. They’re going to add such amazing detail and otherworldly flair to my outfits.

I highly recommend checking out her shop! I’m so happy with everything I’ve ordered from her and received as a gift (the crystal necklace was gifted to me from my mom). She’s such a skilled clay worker, and her passion shines through what she creates. I’m always excited to see what she makes next.

Stay safe and sensible♡

-Leigh Anne

Missing evening chat sessions

I’ve really come to miss evening chat sessions with friends through gaming. I’ve been keeping myself occupied with reading, sewing, drawing, and other things, but I definitely miss talking and laughing with friends on PSN on a more daily basis. I suppose it’s a good deal my fault that doesn’t really happen anymore, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

I don’t like sounding so vague, but I had a falling out with a couple people, one more so an acquaintance than the other. I don’t think this is the place to put all the details, but in turn of all that I feel like I’m seen more so now as a problem person with my other friends who were aware of the situation and were slightly involved. Like I’m someone who is easier to just avoid the majority of the time and deal with in small doses. I think those with whom I still speak and associate don’t see me as such, but it certainly does feel like that a bit often enough. Because my brain is what it is.

I’m also just not a part of that group anymore, so it’s natural to be left out. My evenings get lonely often enough, and I tend to recall evenings of gaming with ridiculous funny moments. It was nice.

But, oh well.

Thinking of times ahead

In July of this year my mom and I are supposed to be going to Scotland. To say I’m excited is simply an understatement. Whenever I tell someone I’ve visited Ireland nine times out of ten they’ll say, “You have to go to Scotland next!” I’m so very thankful I get to go at all. It still feels like a dream when the thought that I’m going crosses my mind.

However I am personally hoping that it will be delayed to next year, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’d feel much safer, and it would be nice to have photos taken without having to wear masks. We’ll all of course have been vaccinated in order to go (I get my second dose on the 16th this month), but still, it’s a little spooky.

To do something a little fun I started piecing together outfits for the trip. I’d like to wear a few inspired by 18th century attire. I did draw some inspiration from Outlander. I’m not too emotionally invested in the show (I am reading the first four books because they were a gift from my mom, and I really only care about the parts that take place in Scotland), but the costuming is absolutely beautiful.

Took some photos of three base outfits. Thought I would share them.

Definitely some Claire Fraser vibes with this one. The shirts and belt were thrifted, the skirt is from Wolfstone Kilt Company, the boots are from JC Penney, and the necklace was my mom’s. I modified the blue shirt a bit and I wish I could make it more fitted, but the material won’t allow it. I wouldn’t be able to get it on and off if I made the waist smaller. I do really like the lacing detail on the sleeves because it reminded me of the lacing that would cover the stomacher and also the lacing that would keep the sleeves attached. The eyelets are metallic, so I’m taking the time to cover them in blue thread to hide that. The lacing was also originally a bright white shoestring kind of lacing, so I switched that out with a faux suede chord.

I wish I had a proper jacket of some kind to wear with this. The scarf is from my best friend, the necklace was bought at Dragoncon, the shirt is from Gabe’s, the belt and skirt were thrifted, the boots are from JC Penney, and the bracelet is from Amazon. I also kind of really want shapewear for my waist?

Everything here (except the boots, they’re the same as the previous outfits) is thrifted. I really like square necklines! Like a lot. I want to alter the brown top so it fits a bit better. It’s pretty stretchy, so it should be easy to fix. This one reminds me a bit more of the kind of weird costumes in the latest seasons of Outlander (whichever ones take place in The States), so I’ll most likely add a bit more of my own personal flair to it.

I haven’t done outfit photos in some time, so this was a bit fun to do this evening. Once they’re more finalized I’ll try and get ones with better lighting. I’m also excited to do a dressier outfit for a big dinner that happens one of the evenings on the trip.

I really can’t wait!

Stay safe and sensible.♡

-Leigh Anne

Self reflection

I have an awful habit of having strongly pessimistic thoughts and of assuming the worst of certain situations. All that mixed with self sabotage has been a pretty bad combination for me, and it has on a number of occasions made me take it out in some way on others. My brain has a route of telling me I’m a piece of garbage and not worthy of having the people and things that I do in my life. That there’s nothing special about me. It makes me to a good extent depend on the validation of others to remind myself, just to the smallest degree, that even though, like with everyone, I have my flaws and faults that I am worth something. To them at least. Fully convincing myself of that is, to a greater extent, very difficult. I have a hard time accepting compliments when given to me because the workings of my brain tell me to not believe them. That they don’t actually mean what they’re saying. That they’re just being nice. I tend to assume people think I’m an idiot, for the most part. I’m someone who tends to be the one who invites others to do things rather than someone inviting me to do something. Not always, but often enough. That, along with a lot of past experiences in school related to this, has led me to think a lot of people don’t really want to be around me.

I remember hearing that writing down positive things about yourself and reading them every day can help with things like this. I did write a small list, but I’ve failed with reading it daily. It goes as follows:

  • I’m creative
  • I’m passionate
  • I’m talented
  • I’m loving
  • I’m smart (kind of)
  • I’m enthusiastic
  • I’m supportive
  • I’m (mostly) satisfied with my looks
  • I listen well
  • I’m charming

Even reading these over now it’s hard for me to see some of them as true. I feel like with things like this it’s better to have someone describe me or point out my positives rather than listing them myself. I can’t see myself as others can. I hope my friends and those close to me see these things in me.

I also made a list of things on which to improve, and, surprise, it’s a good deal longer. It goes as follows:

  • Think before saying and/or sending something
  • Overthinking
  • Listening better
  • Interrupting
  • Taking things personally
  • Being more active
  • Keeping a drawing schedule
  • Keeping emotions in check
  • Being more considerate of others’ feelings/what they’re dealing with
  • Checking in on friends
  • Being by myself
  • Valuing myself
  • Being more positive
  • Complaining
  • Accepting I’ve inherited my parents’ flaws
  • Understanding that I can avoid portraying these flaws
  • Accepting criticism and believing people when they say something good about me
  • Talking about my feelings
  • Asking for help

Of course these things aren’t active problems for me one hundred percent of the time, but it is often enough that I oftentimes feel like I’m just better off by myself so I won’t be a burden to other people. And at the same time I don’t like being by myself all the time. I am proud that I’m capable of admitting these things about myself though, and that I want to do better. I would think that counts for something.

-Leigh Anne

Daffodils from my partner♡